Q: Warranty?
A: All parts and toner have a 6 Month - 1 Year Warranty

Q: What is your return rate or percentage for exercised warranties?
A: We have a .02% return/warranty rate across all RML products. 

Q: What is a "compatible" toner? Will it potentially damage my machine?
A: Compatible toners are operational alternatives for your machine to preform its duties. Often time, compatibles save you tons of expenses while even outperforming their OEM (Original) counterparts. As for damaging machines, our toner cartridges are tested rigorously from our trained technicians and will not be released for sale until 100% success rate has been reached. We guarantee it.

Q: Where is your place of business and manufacturing?
A: Our main headquarters is located in Boynton Beach, FL. All of our parts & toner are made within the United States. 

Q: Are your products available outside the United States?
A: Yes, we're willing to help accommodate the need for international shipping. We're especially ready if it needs expedited shipping. 

Q: Are these toners recycled or cut for re-use?
A: All of our toners are laser-cut and crafted to ensure extreme quality. At most, we will utilize OEM chips for certain machines so that particular machines accept them more easily. That being said, our toner is considered brand-new and created as a 1-time use.

Q: Does your company practice "Green-friendly" practices?
A: We're proud to provide our "ECO PLUS" line of toner options. While this option provides the consumer with an eco-friendly option, we also practice eco-friendly methods across all our toner & parts!